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Anavar-Lite 10 Mg 50 Tablets


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What is Anavar-Lite 10 Mg 50 Tablets?

Oxandrolone, better known as Anavar, is one of the most popular oral steroids of all time. Anavar works like most anabolic steroids, reducing body fat and adding dry muscle mass. One of the reasons people use Anavar is to achieve a slimmer appearance while maintaining the muscle mass they have hard-earned during their workouts. Anavar increases endurance by increasing the number of red blood cells in your body. It also increases your metabolic rate and increases your calorie expenditure.

Substance: Oxandrolone

Beligas Pharma Anavar is 50 tablets and 1 tablet contains 10mg oxymetholone. Beligas has international and domestic warehouses. They have oral and injectable lines. 

Effects of Oxandrolone

Oxandrolone can help increase muscle mass, but it does not reduce body fat while doing so. It may also increase bone density. Another important effect of Oxandrolone is that it lowers blood sugar. For this reason, it is often used in the treatment of diabetic patients.

Oxandrolone Usage

Oxandrolone is usually taken on a 2-4 week cycle of use. The dosage of this steroid may vary depending on a person’s weight and experience. Overdose of Oxandrolone may cause some side effects.

Side effects

Use of Oxandrolone may cause some side effects. These side effects include problems such as liver damage, high blood pressure, increased cholesterol levels, and hair loss. However, these side effects occur rarely and oxandrolone is considered safe when used correctly.

What Are Highlights of Beligas Anavar-Lite 10 Mg 50 Tablets?

– Easy to swallow.

– High powder quality.

– 10 Mg and 50 tablets.

Note: This product is shipped domestically within the United States and globally to all countries from Asia.