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Pro-Anadrol 50 Mg 50 Tablets


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What is Beligas Pro-Anadrol 50 Mg 50 Tablets?

Oxymetholone contained in ANAPOLON is a powerful anabolic and androgenic substance used orally. Oxymetholone evidences the production of renewable erythropoietin and the recorded excretion of erythropoietin in anemia due to bone marrow maintenance. Erythropoiesis continues in anemias due to delayed erythrocyte production.

Beligas Pharma Anadrol is 50 tablets and 1 tablet contains 50mg oxymetholone. Beligas has international and domestic warehouses. They have oral and injectable lines. 

Recommended Dosage

Take 3 capsules a day with a glass of water. Do not exceed the recommended dose.

What are Side Effects of Anadrol?

– Due to its serious side effects, both ANAPOLON and other male enhancement pills with similar effects should not be used.

Products containing the hormone should not be used to increase the abilities of athletes.

– In patients with breast cancer, treatment with ANAPOLON or similar drugs may increase blood calcium levels.

may cause the level to increase. In such cases, the drug should be discontinued.

– During treatment with ANAPOLON or similar drugs administered at normal doses, jaundice may occur.

Conditions that disrupt liver functions and sometimes have a bad character occur, including

It may come out.

– Jaundice may be painless and itchy or non-itchy and may be misjudged. drug dependent

Jaundice usually improves when the medication is stopped. Coma and death if treatment is continued

may occur. Liver functions should be checked at regular intervals during ANAPOLON treatment.

should be done.

– Symptoms of masculinization and menstruation in women using ANAPOLON or similar drugs

status can be seen.

– Iron deficiency anemia in some patients treated with ANAPOLON or similar drugs

A condition known as anemia may occur. The table is finalized with the necessary tests.

Following diagnosis, patients should receive appropriate iron treatment.

– Leukemia (blood infection) in patients with aplastic anemia treated with ANAPOLON or similar drugs

cancer) may develop. However, whether the drug has a role here and if so, what is it?

It has not been clarified that.

– Do not administer ANAPOLON or similar drugs to patients with heart, kidney or liver disease.

Care should be taken when giving it. Sometimes, when given to patients with heart failure, this

Drugs may increase existing edema in patients. This condition can be controlled with appropriate drug treatment.


What Are Highlights of Beligas Pro-Anadrol 50 mg?

– Easy to swallow.

– High powder quality.

– 50 Mg and 50 tablets.

Note: This product is shipped domestically within the United States and globally to all countries from Asia.